XXXI AICA CONGRESS – 1997, Northern Ireland: ” Art and Centres of Conflict – Outer and Inner Realities “

Official opening of the Congress
- Liam Kelly, President of AICA Ireland
- Stephen McBride, Belfast City Council
- Donnell Deeny, Arts Council of Northern Ireland
- Kim Levin, President of AICA


Caoimhin Mac Giolla Léith
Joan Fowler

John Peter Nilsson, Sweden : From Irony to Melancholy & Back Again : Is There Any Way Out ?
Gavin Murphy, Ireland : ‘Mad Raphaels in the Shit’ : The Work of Samuel Taylor Colridge and Richard Hamilton Dealing with Irish Republican Prison Protest
Katalin Keseru, Hungary : Melancholy – A Strategy for Survival ? / Contemporary Central European Art
Antje von Graevenitz, Netherlands : The Death of the Artist – Extreme Performances in the Art of the 20th Century
Anne Dagbert, France : Essay of interpretation of the series ‘Tal – La Rosée’, in the work of Gérard Garouste [Communication in French]
Eurydice Trichon-Milsani, Greece : Surprise and Melancholy : The Infernal Duo of Contemporary Creation [Communication in French]
John Reilly, USA : Waiting for Beckett : A portrait of Samuel Beckett
Haydee Venegas, Puerto Rico : Puerto Rico Art and Melancholy
Vojtch Lahoda, Czech Republic : Melancholy of the Avant-Garde : Zdenek Rykr and the Loss of Unity
Leonida Kovac, Croatia : Problems of Identity in Contemporary Croatian Art
Richard Kearney, Ireland : Some Notes on the Melancholic Vision


Kim Levin
Liam Kelly

Hans Ulrich Olbrist, Switzerland : Cities on the move Mart Kalm Krista Kodres, Estonia : How to Survive Without Monuments or With Wrong Monuments ?
Michael Levin, Israel : The City as a Museum – Modern Art in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
Berislav Valusek, Croatia : One War, Two Towns, Two Artists
Liam Lelly, Ireland : Irish Art, an Art of Journeying and Dislocations
Hilary Pyle, Ireland : Jake B.Yeats and the Troubled City
Michael Gibbs, Netherlands : Representing the Unrepresentable – Charting Urban Space
Dennis Adams, USA : Contested Territories
Sandra Krizic Roban, Croatia : I See a Red Door and I want to Paint It – Gold
Arnau Puig, Catalonia : The City : Philisophical Genesis of Forms [Communication in French]
Hans Haacke, USA : Symbolic Capital Management or What to Do With the Good, The True, and The Beautiful
Nada Beros, Croatia : Testing the City
Fred Andersson, Sweden : Art and Vandalism – Where is the Difference ?


David Rose
Dorothy Walker

Brian O’Doherty / Barbara Novak, USA : Rothko’s Dark Paintings : Tragedy and Void
Liam Gillick, England : Discussion Islands : In Search of the Middle Ground
Cyril Barrett, Ireland : Travelling Hopefully : Jack Yeats and Watteau
Zelimir Koscevic, Croatia : A Lecture for Belfast
Bernard Schneider, Germany : Urban and European Geography Revised : Berlin and Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum, and a Necessary Postscript
Valentina Anker, Switzerland : From Space of Progress to Space of Immersion : From notebook to Panorama in 19th Century Montains Landscape Painter’s and From The Butte Chaumont to Central Park[Communication in French]
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, Ireland : Migration in Joseph Beuy’s Work and James Joyce’s Nomadic Language
Innessa Levkova-Lamm, USA : Red Luggage in Time Square
Mary Cosgrove, Ireland : Location and Dislocation in Irish Modernism
Tom McEvilley, USA
Leonid Lamm, USA : Back From Home : Virtual Journey To Moscow
Zuzana Bartosova, Slovakia : Art-net Almanach AICA as a Way for The Interpretation Valorizing The Resonance [Communication in French]


Proceeding of the Congress : Art and Centers of Conflict – Outer and Inner Realities, University of Ulster/ Aica Press, Belfast : 2001.