XLVII AICA Congress, October 2014, Seoul & Suwon City (South Korea): “Art Criticism in a Labyrinth”



What is the role of art criticism in a global environment? What new approaches can we suggest? And what methodologies do we need to develop, to deal with the diversities of expression and the complexities of the contemporary art world?

We believe it is necessary to look again at crucial issues, such as the relationship between the art critic and curator, the art market and art institutions, the audience and the artist, and art and society. All these factors are interdependent and have totally transformed the conditions for making and exhibiting art, and for communicating it to a public. Art criticism’s crisis of identity and difficulty with value judgment affects the way that we have come to think about its role and function. We need to review some of the artistic, economic, social and technological factors that have contributed to this condition. The Greek metaphor of the labyrinth might serve as a basis for our critical debates, and we hope that the forthcoming Congress, KOREA 2014, will provide us with some of the clues that we shall need to find a way forward.

The theme of AICA Congress Korea 2014 is composed of three sub-themes

1 – Art and art criticism in a divided society
2 – Critical writings in the era of social networking
3 – Discourses on contemporary Asian art






  • DAY1
    Wed 10.08
    Pre-Congress 1 :
    Commissions Meeting (Suwon City)
    10 Commissions
    Ramada Plaza Suwon
    Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival
    Opening Ceremonies


  • DAY2
    Thurs 10.09
    Pre-Congress 2: Tour (Suwon City)
    Suwon Art Center → Suwon Hwaseong Cultural
    Festival Revival of King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade →
    Nam June Paik Art Center
    Symposium (Suwon City)
    Movements of Korean Contemporary Art
    Organized by AICA Korea
    (SK Artrium)
    Suwon City → Seoul
    Limo Bus Provided


  • DAY3
    Fri 10.10
    Congress Day 1 (Seoul)
    9am-4:30pm (*8:30am Registration)
    Art Criticism in a Divided Society
    (National Museum of Modern and
    Contemporary Art, Seoul/Multi Project Hall)
    AICA Award


  • DAY4
    Sat 10.11
    Congress Day 2 (Seoul)
    Critical Writings in the Era
    of Social Networking

    (National Museum of Modern and
    Contemporary Art, Seoul/Education Center)


  • DAY5
    Sun 10.12
    Administrative Council (Seoul)
    National Museum of Modern and
    Contemporary Art, Seoul-
    (Education Center Lecture Room)
    Tour (Seoul)
    SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2014
    Seoul Galleries, etc
    Seoul → Suwon
    Limo Bus Provided


  • DAY6
    Mon 10.13
    Congress Day 3 (Suwon City)
    Discourses on
    Contemporary Asian Art

    (Ramada Plaza Suwon)


  • DAY7
    Tues 10.14
    General Assembly (Suwon City)
    (Ramada Plaza Suwon)
    Reception (Suwon City)
    (Ramada Plaza Suwon)


  • DAY8
    Wed 10.15
    Post-Congress (Busan)
    8am leave Suwon 12pm Busan
    Busan Biennale
    (Forum, Exhibition, Reception)
    Suwon City (8am) → Busan (12pm)
    Limo Bus Provided


  • DAY9
    Thurs 10.16
    Post-Congress (Gwangju)
    8am Leave Busan 11:30am Gwangju
    Gwangju Biennale
    Busan (8am) → Gwangju (11:30am)
    Limo Bus Provided

*** Some details will be subject to change***




Wed, 10.08, 2014

Pre-Congress 1 : Commissions Meeting (Suwon City)

  • 09:30am-06:30pm 10 Commissions (Ramada Plaza Suwon)
  • 07:30pm Suwon  Hwaseong Cultural Festival Opening Ceremonies
  • * Myoung-Ho Lee’s Photography-Act Project of World Heritage
    (Hwaseong Series_Seojangdae)


Thurs, 10.09, 2014

Pre-Congress 2 : Symposium & Tour (Suwon City)

Movements of Korean Contemporary Art (Organized by AICA Korea, Suwon SK Atrium)

  • 10:00am Greetings from the Mayor of Suwon City
  • 10:10am Ikyoung Yoon: “Korean Abstract Art”
  • 10:35am Hyeong Soon Choe: “Minjung Misul(Art for the People) of the 1980s
  • 11:00am Coffee Break
  • 11:15am Junseok Chang: “Modern Korean Ink and Color Painting”
  • 11:40am Sun Young Lee: “Korean Female Artists of the 1990s”
  • 12:05pm Yeon Shim Chung: “Critical Notes on Korean Installation Art”
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 01:30pm Tour: Suwon Art Center → Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival Parade →
    Nam June Paik Art Center
  • *08:30pm Leave Suwon for Seoul (1.2 hrs. Transportation Provided)


Fri, 10.10, 2014

Congress Day 1 (Seoul)

(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul)

  • 08:30am Registration

Greetings and Introductory Words

  • 09:00am Yoon Jin Sup, President of AICA Congress South Korea 2014
  • 09:15am Greetings from the Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • 09:30am Marek Bartelik, President of AICA International
  • 09:45am Marjorie Allthorpe Guyton, Chair of AICA Congress South Korea 2014

Art Criticism in a Divided Society

  • 10:00am Keynote Speaker: Yoon Jin Sup(South Korea) : “Art Criticism in a Divided Society”
  • 10:45am Discussions
  • 11:00am Elona Lubytė(Lithuania): “Maze of Choices: Art in Public Spaces Between Politics
    and Creative Practices”
  • 11:30am Jovanka Popova(Macedonia): “Criticism between Art, Facts and Acts – through the Forms of
    Protest and Participative Art Practices”
  • 12:00pm Deborah Lawler-Dormer (New Zealand): “Encounter and exchange – Acts of making,
    unmaking and remaking in contemporary Photographic work by Fiona Pardington,
    Mark Adams and Shigeyuki Kihara”
  • 12:30pm Discussions
  • 01:00pm Lunch
  • 02:30pm Andrzej Szczerski (Poland): “The Agents of Change –the Art of Maidan in Kiev”
  • 03:00pm Marek Wasilewski (Poland): “Art Criticism in a Divided Society –the Case of Poland in 2014”
  • 03:30pm Richard Gregor (Slovakia): “Externality as a Symptom of Divided Art Scenes” 
  • 04:00pm Discussions & Coffee Break
  • 04:30pm AICA Awards


Sat, 10.11, 2014

Congress Day 2 (Seoul)

(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul)

Critical Writings in the Era of Social Networking

  • 09:00am Keynote Speaker: Lev Manovich (USA) : “Visualizing Cultural Patterns”
  • 10:00am Discussions
  • 10:30am Maria Amelia Bulhões (Brazil): “Decipher Me or I will Devour You! 
    Visual Arts Online Criticism”
  • 11:00am Earl Miller (Canada): “Social Networking and the Liberated Reader”
  • 11:30am Sung-Ho Kim (South Korea): “Art Criticism in the Online Public Sphere and Writing 
    as ‘Faction’”
  • 12:00pm Paul Groot (Netherlands): “The Serendipity of the Samsung Galaxyas a Successor of 
    the One-dimensional World of Marcel Duchamp’s Grand Glass”
  • 12:30pm Discussions
  • 01:00pm Lunch
  • 02:30pm Ewa Wójtowicz (Poland): “Beyond the Thumb Culture : Art Criticism in the Era 
    of Social Networking”
  • 03:00pm Diana Machulina (Russia): “Being Art Critic in Russia: To Go Against the Stream”
  • 03:30pm Elisa Rusca(Switzerland): “What’s Next? Art criticism online”
  • 04:00pm Discussions &Coffee Break


Sun, 10.12, 2014

Administrative Council & Tour (Seoul)

  • 09:00am-02:00pm Administrative Council (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul)
  • 02:00pm Tour: SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2014, Seoul Galleries, etc.
  • *08:00pm Leave Seoul for Suwon City (1.2 hrs. Transportation Provided)


Mon, 10.13, 2014

Congress Day 3 (Suwon City)

  • (Ramada Plaza Suwon)

Discourses on Contemporary Asian Art

  • 09:00am Keynote Speaker: John Clark(Australia): “Questions of Contemporary Discourse and 
    Its Development in the Work of Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook”
  • 09:45am Discussions
  • 10:00am Keynote Speaker: Gao Minglu(China): “Methodological Issues
    on Chinese Contemporary Art”
  • 10:45am Discussions
  • 11:00am Keynote Speaker: Simon Morley(UK): “The ‘cogito of kneading’: 
    Tactile ‘seeing’ and Dansaekhwa”
  • 11:45am Discussions
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 01:30pm Silva Kalčić(Croatia): “Neo-Orientalism in Contemporary Image”
  • 02:00pm Jean-Louis Poitevin (France): “Lines of  split : art today on the threshold of the Maze”   
  • 02:30pm Chwijeong Kim (South Korea):“Criterion in Contemporary Korean Art Criticism”
  • 03:00pm Younghee Suh (South Korea): “The Situation of Asian Contemporary Art from the Viewpoint
    of Alter-Modernism: The Cases of Huang Yong-Ping and Kim Sooja.”
  • 03:30pm Discussions &Coffee Break
  • 04:00pm Ketevan S. Kintsurashvili(Republic of Georgia): “The Decisive Oriental Influence: The Impact
    of Asian Art on the Georgian Artist of the Modern Era”
  • 04:30pm Atteqa Ali (United Arab Emirates): “A New Global Art History: The Impact of
    Art Institutions and Contemporary Art in Arabia and the Extended MENASA Region”
  • 05:00pm Ray Lin Tsai(Taiwan): “Risk and Responsibility of the Critics: An Observation
    in Contemporary Arts World”
  • 05:30pm Discussions


Tues, 10.14, 2014

General Assembly (Suwon City)

  • (Ramada Plaza Suwon)
  • 09:00am-04:00pm AICA Congress
  • 05:30pm Reception & Tranditional Korean Performance


Wed, 10.15, 2014

Post-Congress (Busan)

  • *08:00am Leave Suwon for Busan (4hrs. Transportation Provided)
  • *02:00pm - 2014 Busan Biennale – Forum, Exhibition, Reception


Thurs, 10.16, 2014

Post-Congress (Gwangju)

  •  *08:30am Leave Busan for Gwangju (3hrs. Transportation Provided)
  • *11:30am - Gwangju Biennale
  • *06:00pm - Dismissal (Please Check the Website for Transportation Info
from Gwangju to Incheon International Airport or to Seoul)



*** Some details will be subject to change***







AICA Member : 120 euros 
NON Member : 180euros
Payment: Cash only in won (prefered), USD, or euros 
at the AICA Congress registration desk, Museum of Modern 
and Contemporary Art, Seoul,Korea.






Seoul – Hotel

(Insa-dong, Sagan-dong, and Jongno-gu area)

* All between 5 to 15 mins. distance by car



+82-2-2139-8206 / re@aventreehotel.com
132,000 Korean won (VAT and Breakfast included)

make a reservation at AVENTREE Hotel via email or phone for the AICA KOREA special discount.
Also contact us if you have any difficulty in the process. (2014aica@naver.com)

more hotels in Seoul: http://www.aicakorea.org/


Suwon – Hotel




+82-31-230-0001/ reservation@ramadasuwon.com
132,000 Korean won (VAT inclueded)
143,000 Korean won (VAT and breakfast inclueded)

make a reservation at RAMADA PLAZA Suwon via email or phone for the AICA KOREA special discount.
Also contact us if you have any difficulty in the process (2014aica@naver.com).

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Busan – Hotel


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Incheon (Intn’l Airport) → Seoul (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul)

Bus: Airport Limousine 6011
(Incheon Airport 5B)

after the ride, stop off at Anguk. Time: about 2hrs (bus 1hrs&40mins + foot 20mins) /
Fare: 10,000won / Interval: 20-30mins


Train&Subway: Korail Airport Railroad
(Incheon Int’l airport station)

after the ride, transfer at Gongdeok station line 5,
transfer at Jongro3ga station line 3, stop off at Anguk station line 3.
Time: about 1hrs 40mins (bus 1hrs&30mins + foot 10mins) / Fare: 3,950won

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Incheon (Intn’l Airport) → Suwon Ramada Hotel

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Fare: 12,000won / Interval: 20-30mins



Seoul station → National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Bus: Town Bus
Jongro 11 (Seoul station 2 exit, walking about 5 minutes)

after the ride, stop off at Jeongdok Public Library
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Seoul → Incheon(Intn’l Airport)

Train: Korail Airport Railroad
(Seoul station)

after the ride, stop off at Incheon Intn’l Airport station. Time: about 1hrs / Fare: 3,950won
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*Suwon AK PLAZA station → Suwon Ramada Hotel

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(Suwon station.AK Plaza) → Suwon Ramada HotelTime: 22mins (bus 16mins + foot 6mins) / Fare: 1,100won

Suwon → Incheon (Intn’l Airport)

Bus: Airport Limousine 4000
(Dongsuwon.Hotelcastle) after the ride, stop off at Incheon Airport Departure Hall 3rd Floor
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Suwon → Busan Biennale

Suwon Intercity Bus Terminal → Busan Intercity Bus TerminalTime: 4hrs 30mins / Fare: 22,600won


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Seoul → Suwon

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*Suwon station → Suwon Ramada Hotel

Bus no. 730, 10, 13-4, 11-1, 720-2
(Suwon station.AK Plaza) → Suwon Ramada Hotel
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Yoon Jin Sup

Phil Lee
Deputy Director

Sorim Yoon
Project Manager

Minchae Kim

Anna Han

Seojeong Park


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Suwon Cultural Foundation

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