New President of AICA Turkey: Fırat Arapoğlu


Photo_Firat-ArapogluFırat Arapoğlu is an art historian (MA)/art critic & independent curator; lives and works in İstanbul. He has been working in the Fine Arts and Design Faculty, İstanbul Kemerburgaz University. He curated exhibitions such as “Body & Space” (with Ebru N. Sülün), “Memory”, “IDs Please”, “Re-De/Generation”, “For the Public, In Spite of Public”, “Other Bodies” (with Erkan Doğanay) “Asphyxiating Culture (with reference to Jean Dubuffet)”, “Democracy and Conflict”, “Museum inside a Museum”“Berlin und Tell Me”“I Know A Place Where We Can Go”“Homo Homini Lupus or Forgetting about Tomorrow”, “Distance and Contact”, “Crossing Axis”, “Marx 2.0” and co-curated 3rd International Canakkale Biennale and 3rd International Mardin Biennale. He has written articles in national and international art magazines such as Gençsanat, Art-İst Modern & Actual, ICE, ARTAM, Art Unlimited, Critical Culture, RH+, İstanbul Art News and Flash Art. He has also written articles in a national newspaper called Birgün and SOL. He has also written national and international symposium proceedings about art and art education.