Biennale de Paris – “Reinventing the terminology of art” (2010-13)

The Paris Biennale was founded in 1959 by André Malraux. It was inaugurated on October 3rd of the same year at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. Since its creation, the Paris Biennale has been an important force in the development of late 20th century art. Following the Biennale’s inauguration, André Malraux declared that : “Paris must remain, as far as art is concerned, an instigating and innovative city”. Since its inception, the Biennale has been experimental in nature. After several years of interruption, the Biennial was reinstated in 2000. Since that time, the Biennale has consistently supported practices that constitute a new definition of art free of institutional and market demands yet grounded in and committed to the world as it is lived and experienced.

Artos FoundationThe Artos Cultural and Research Foundation was founded in 2000 by Achilleas Kentonis and Maria Papacharalambous. It is a contemporary arts and science center dedicated to research and creativity, offering to both a common platform.Reinventing the terminology of art

Practices detached from the habitual codes of art cannot be named with the habitual terms of art, which are not sufficient to identify or describe them. Other terms, words, or notions are necessary. Those terms form the basis for a new terminology of art. A term is always born of an existing practice that it defines whereas up until that moment it had been indefinable. To name things means to give them an existence. Art terminology which has been enriched since its beginning – in the Renaissance – has developed only very little over the past 500 years. To accept the immobility of the terminology of art would mean to admit the impossibility of an historical continuation. On the contrary, a redefined terminology is an encouraging sign that art is progressing. That is why an update has become essential. It will be important to include those new terms into current dictionaries.


Intitulé Ville Lieu prévisionnel Date
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Consultant » Nicosie Artos Foundation 22 et 23 oct. 2010
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Manoeuvre » Athènes National Museum of Contemporary Art 14 et 15 janv. 2011
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Slow Power » Paris Musée du Quai Branly 10 et 11 juin 2011
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Invisuel » New York PS1 18 et 19 nov. 2011
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Opérer » Londres Institute of Contemporary Art 20 et 21 mars 2012
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Agent d´art » Madrid Musée Municipal d´Art Contemporain 24 et 25 sept. 2012
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Compétences / Incompétences » Beyrouth Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts 18 et 19 janv. 2013
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Prestation » Téhéran Musée d´art contemporain de Téhéran 24 et 25 mai 2013
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Public naturel » Le Caire 13 et 14 sept. 2013
« Réinventer la terminologie de l’art : Macrocritique Milan 13 et 14 déc. 2013

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Musée du Quai Branly
Société Française de Terminologie
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