AICA NL Certificate 2016 awarded to Rijksacademie

Press release 22 September 2016

AICA Netherlands (International Association of Art Critics) has awarded the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten the AICA Certificate 2016. 

I am pleased and proud that we have been awarded the AICA Certificate 2016. This acknowledgement of the Rijksakademie’s impact on the international art world and great compliment for the Rijksakademie from the professional field is fantastic. It reinforces our ambition to maintain our focus on content renewal and to continue to take professional artistic practice as our starting point“, said Els van Odijk, director of the Rijksakademie in her response.

According to the judging panel’s report, “The combination of intellectual and technical professionalism, the modern-day stance and mix of participants are what make the Rijksakademie such a distinctive institute at the top of its game and a key player in the international world of art. It not only offers participants time and access to intellectual expertise, but also space, money and well-equipped workshops staffed by highly-qualified technicians. The fact that the Rijksakademie is often of decisive importance in the development of artistic talent and makes a substantial contribution to enabling an international breakthrough is unquestionable. There are large numbers of artists who, after their time at the Rijksakademie, go on to make a name for themselves and enjoy a long-lasting and successful career in the challenging profession of artist. A significant number of the world’s most important artists have had residencies at the Rijksakademie.” The judging panel also felt that it was remarkable that the institution has offered consistently high quality for so many years despite the ongoing concern about cutbacks.

The full report by the judging panel is available in Dutch on the AICA website.

Presentation ceremony
The AICA Certificate 2016 will be presented on 21 October in the Rijksakademie.

2016 Judging Panel
The judging panel for the AICA Certificate 2016 is made up of AICA members Mirthe Berentsen, critic and consultant, Stefan Kuiper, Ancient Art reviewer for the Volkskrant newspaper and Marina de Vries, editor-in-chief of Museumtijdschrift magazine.

About the AICA Certificate
The AICA Certificate is awarded annually in turn to a Dutch publication, an exhibition or an institution. In 2016, the category receiving the certificate is ‘institutions’. Votes were cast by the 180-strong membership of AICA Nederland, who include art critics, lecturers at art academies and universities, museum conservators and independent exhibition curators.